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When designing and planning civic buildings, CWA strives to incorporate the long-term development goals of the client. Most CWA projects involve more than one singular structure. Oftentimes, projects include other city buildings such as libraries, police stations, offices and recreation. The work involves phasing projects and taking the bigger picture into account. Such projects take years of dedication, immense planning and extensive vision to build. CWA’s experience allows them to pursue multi-scale projects with expertise.

Each city project consists of several building projects. Each calls for planning that reference the geography, culture, and population of the city. Furthermore, the design and planning also has to foresee and incorporate the population’s future needs.

CWA AIA, Inc.'s roster of work includes many comprehensive projects in civic architecture. CWA’s working relationship with such southern California cities as Cerritos and Glendale span several decades and projects. Their work with City of Palmdale is as extensive. Their work establishes a strong foundation, community and culture for each city. 

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