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CWA AIA, Inc. is a leader of innovation in library architecture. Since our inception in 1949, we have designed over 40 libraries in southern California and surrounding areas. We are pioneers in design, transforming a library into a center for educating and enriching the community.

CWA was started when Charles Walton was given the project of remodeling the Brand Library and Art Gallery for the City of Glendale in 1949. Through years of prominent civic projects, CWA architects have become experts in architecture, urban planning, and interior design.

CWA architects integrate theme or “experience” into library architecture. Their first themed library to be recognized is the Cerritos Millennium Library for the City of Cerritos. The exterior of the building is clad in titanium sheets that reflect the present modern time of the millennium. The interior is divided into multiple sections. Each section boasts a fantastic theme while still fitting together. CWA’s incorporation of themes creates an encouraging environment for local residents to explore.


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